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SHIV Consultancy is providing consulting services to their clients for more than 10 years. SHIV’s focus is to provide quality consulting services in Capital Markets, Wealth Management and Regulatory Compliance space. SHIV’s consultants are experienced and highly skilled in their domain. SHIV’s recruitment process makes sure that they hire the best talent in the industry. 

SHIV has built eFAC (electronic FATCA/CRS Compliance) software product to comply with FATCA and CRS regulations as ONE-STOP-SHOP solution. The solution requires minimal manual intervention from users and has a unique approach to help Financial Institutions to comply with these regulations at much lower cost for compliance.

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SHIV’s experienced consultants can provide valuable IT consulting for your business.

Custom Development

SHIV’s offshore team can help to develop custom software

Project Management

SHIV’s trained, qualified and professional project managers can manage projects 

Quality Assurance

SHIV’s Quality Assurance consultants are certified in Quality Assurance processes


SHIV’s experienced Onsite/Offshore support team can help your organization with your needs.


Staff Augmentation

SHIV’s expertise can help the organization bridge the gap quickly.


eFAC – electronic FATCA & CRS Compliance

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) is a US law that was passed in March 2010 to discourage “US Persons”1 from evading US tax by using financial accounts held outside the US. FATCA requires the identification and reporting of information to the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on certain financial accounts held outside the US by US Persons. The US has signed a number of agreements with other countries to implement FATCA, including Canada. The requirement for Canadian taxpayers, including financial institutions, to comply with FATCA has been incorporated into Part XVIII of Canada’s Income Tax Act. Since 2014, Canadian financial institutions are required under Canadian law to identify and report information to the CRA on reportable financial accounts held in Canada by US Persons.

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